I’m glad to be back on this site.

Man, I remember back in like 2007 back when I was being the coolest kid on my beige AIO G3 with 128mb RAM and Mac OS 9.0.4 using IE for Mac 5 (Mozilla sucked and crashed all the damn time), how I first found WordPress. I was playing Club Penguin (Shitty game IMO), and there were all these websites offering hacks and tricks on WordPress. After I made a few laughable blogs that I abandoned fast (I seem to do that), I’ve had brushes with various blogging sites, from Tumblr (Crap, avoid at all costs), to Twitter (Amazing), to journals on dA/fA (crap), but besides Twitter I’ve never really tried to have my own blog.

Well, now that I have decided to post random text posts that I couldn’t fit on twitter or make a video about on YT, I might as well start posting blogs here. After all, I won’t have to worry about dA admins, Tumblr SJWs, or certain people who have my fA. 😀

Anyways, I’m glad to be back here~


My first blog post.

lol is this 1998?

You when you find out WordPress > Tumblr

So, this is wordpress. Still 40000x better than Tumblr, I guess, since Tumblr is basically Twitter without the word limit. :3