Good Free Apps for Windows Server (That don’t complain)

One of the main snags anyone will run into while setting up a Windows Server based computer for home use, no matter if it’s a Windows Home Server or WHS 2011 install on a old Pentium 4 or cheap Atom/Via Mini ITX board, or a old server you got from a place throwing it out, or a server you snagged off eBay cheap, is that tons of software won’t work on it. You see, they will actually detect you using it on a server and cry about how you are some business who didn’t pay up for the commercial license and must do it to use it. Of course, there are plenty of apps that you can happily use on your server if you’re just a regular person who now has a server, and there are some surprising ones too.

AntiVirus Program: Immunet 3

immunet server 2k8 r2

Based off the well known ClamAV AntiVirus, this AntiVirus sets itself apart from the rest of the free AVs for one major reason: It works on Windows Server 2008 R2 (with no special hacking or pro version needed). While other AVs charge a ton of money just for the Windows Server edition, Immunet 3 is free and uses a proven scanning engine, while also being low resource (especially compared to the Nortons and Mcafees). This is crucial if you’re having files pass through the server or exploits trying to run malicious code.

While some people have hacked Security Essentials, it’s not only known to conflict with a lot of things on some servers, especially WHS 2011 ones, but also is extremely ineffective.

VMWare Player


One of the main things people do on servers is run Virtual Machines. No matter if I’m running 9x, NT 4 or the 5.x line (2k/XP/2k3), or the 6.x line (Vista/2k8/r2/7/8/8.1/2k12/r2), I can deploy a VM without having to reinstall my whole OS or use another physical machine just to run a few programs, or keeping

It also runs just fine in Server 2008 r2, and I can use this with my ProLiant ML150 to run programs that usually require another PC. Surprisingly it hasn’t complained about me running it on a server OS.

Remote Control: RDP (Included with Server)

Windows Server 2008 r2 has RDP, and you can enable it easily in the default setup. VNC works as well. However, to use both, you will need to port forward. TeamViewer doesn’t, but from what I know it complains if you use it on Server and not normal Windows. It also works on “pro” versions of Windows, however all versions have a client, and you can even grab thin clients that can connect to your server on Amazon for not very much money, and for even less on eBay.


I’ll probably update this post as I find more programs for Windows Server, mainly Server 2008 r2 and WHS2011 in particular, mostly the former though.


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