Why I have not yet bought a PS4

As a gamer, I have bought tons of consoles. As for current gen consoles, I own an Xbox One (I like it) and a Wii U (A trainwreck), and I owned all 3 consoles last gen. At the same time though, I currently have not bought a PlayStation 4. A lot of things about it and Sony are keeping me from buying the new console for $400, especially as people become more and more picky online about which console to buy, and especially considering the whole Vita situation. First, let’s start with a major reason.

The online is now paywalled

One of the main reasons I played my PS3 a lot, despite it having a bland feeling was the online was free. Sure, it went down a lot, most notably with the great PSN outage, but also various other minor times as well. It also suffered from games being shut down, with many GameSpy games being unplayable on PSN too such as UT3 or Saints Row 2. Now however, you need to pay $50 for the same outages. At least you get game rentals for that cost too though, such as…..

ps plus

……….some indie games and old AAA games? Not to mention you don’t even get to keep them either (if you cancel)? You might as well use GameFly or something.

Limited game selection (And bad business moves with regards to BC).

For starters, the console will NOT play PS1, 2, or 3 games. Not even digital downloads. Despite rumors promising them on PS Now (I’ll get to this later), they’re missing. While the PS3 can download games from all 3 consoles (Sony made an emulator that allows non BC PS3s to run emulated games, this is used for PSN, and people have indeed hacked it so it can run more games on CFW PS3s), along with the PSP, thanks to PS Minis (and of course hacks to allow more games too), and the Vita/PSP support both PS1 and PSP games (with the Vita having a whitelist Sony accidentally removed), the PS4 plays PS4 games. Only PS4 games. The library of PS4 games? Indie games and multiplats, sometimes even cross gen multiplats. No PS1/2/3/P games whatsoever. Even the PlayStation TV can do this. The games also happen to be mostly western games, as all the Japanese games Sony was known for are yet again MIA, even moreso than on the PS3.

Speaking of BC, Sony, like I linked, has been known to constantly lock out backwards compatibility in the name of making you buy more games. While the PS3 only supports playing disc games on hardware/part hardware BC PS3s, the PS3 has no whitelist in place to let you play PS2 disc games on the PS3….however hackers can enable it and MS did it with the 360 too. The Vita has the whitelist, and the PS TV has even fewer games. It even lacks Netflix/Hulu/Amazon (for a microconsole.) Speaking of that……

The Vita

The Vita was a total disaster. Despite Sony promising console quality on the go and remote play, remote play on the PS3 was held back yet again and was a glorified version of the PSP remote play (which was crippled by Sony….and yet again enabled by hackers. Noticing a trend here?). The Vita also lacks console quality games (Western devs fled the system), memory cards cost a ton (Custom format), the system was so DRM’d that you have to use a custom content manager…..in an era of dragging & dropping in Windows Explorer, that is a pain in the ass to use too. You literally….have to touch something on the Vita to move a file from your PC to the Vita. The PSP? Drag and drop, universal memory cards with cheap readers available at Wal-Mart.

The PS TV has been an even bigger disaster, earning poor scores from tech reviewers due to it’s inability to do even expected features and offering only 720p/1080i output.

PS Now

Since the PS4 lacks BC….you have to pay again for your games. This time renting them at a cost. You can pay high prices just to rent a older game…..for 4 hours. From 2-3 dollars for 4 hours only, to $30-40 for 90 days (Keep in mind, 90 days). You also get to suffer input latency, compression artifacts, AFK disconnections, and need stable internet. All for a digital game keep in mind. It’s an absolute ripoff and should be ignored.

Fewer media options.

It can’t touch the multimedia functionality of even the PS3, lacking CD support, DLNA, playing  movies off USB (Music support just got added though in an update), and the like. While MS has been aggressive patching the console and just added a USB video player, supporting even MKV files, Sony has not to the same extent. It is simply nowhere near as good as even a cheaper PS3 is with regards to multimedia.


Due to these reasons and possibly more, I’m not going to be buying a PS4 for now. I’m going to wait till it gets more patches and games at this rate, at least.


Tumblr is Trash (and this is why)

I have been on the internet for a while, have seen various trashy websites come, and either go or fall into obscurity but stick around, and I have seen tons of dumb “hip” technology fads that became forgotten about as quickly as they became big. MySpace, LiveJournal, Geocities (and nearly all the “free homepage” style sites), Xat, AIM, and many others can come to mind. Now imagine there is this hip website that over the span of a few years has managed to take every bad idea from every website and roll it into one. Congratulations, you now have Tumblr.

However, to explain everything wrong with this website would take a bit of breaking down what exactly is wrong with this website. I mean, there is so much wrong with it, it’s a surprise that it became so big….or maybe it isn’t, because it appeals to the lowest common denominator.

The Concept

By now everyone knows the concept of Twitter, with it’s 140 letters, and the ability to tweet/retweet/favorite posts, along with the fact you can post images and automatically shortened URLs, while searching/trending hashtags. Now, remove the word limit, similar to conventional blogs like WordPress or Blogger while pandering to the audience that uses sites such as LiveJournal, along with hipsters and random teenagers and you have Tumblr. Posts can be replied to, in message board quote fashion too, and GIFs can be posted. You can even create your own custom theme.  Sounds alright on paper right?  Of course, considering how it’s actually implemented, it’s a disaster, which leads us to our first point.

It’s everything wrong with web design in one site.

By now, everyone should have learned with MySpace, Geocities, and similar sites with 100% creative freedom that if you give users control, you will get shit. YouTube for example had backgrounds that made text unreadable on various channels created off low resolution, heavily compressed JPEG files. Tumblr, thanks to this audience I listed can be a nightmare to read. For every blog using a half decent default style, you’ll find 5000 blogs with unreadable styles. From the whole vaporwave trend and related blogs with styles trying to be ironic with 90s inspired website design (Keep in mind, as things such as the montage parody community showed, ironic usually means crap), to blogs with picture backgrounds, obnoxious mouse cursors that follow you like those old ads for spyware that said “FREE BLING CURSORS CLICK HERE” and autoplaying music (Usually either anime music, nu metal, video game music, or whatever Tumblr fad is big this week), your eyes and ears will take an assault. It’s Geocities/MySpace/Early YT all over again.


At least I’ll say one good thing about Tumblr, it’s a great way to stress test your PC. Who needs Prime95, Crysis, and Intel Burn Test when you can just go to Tumblr and search up a tag of some TV show. You’ll see tons of huge, high resolution, 1-3 second loops of things even as mundane as a character talking, sometimes with a subtitle because you know, embedding is for losers. Oftentimes posts will have several gifs at once in them, along with the previously mentioned bad website themes with autoplaying music, sending Pentium 4s and similar into loud fans mode.  Don’t be surprised to see one of your CPUs stuck at max, or your CPU in general stuck at 100 due to the fact someone had to abuse GIFs.

Oh, and as a joke I tried to load up a Tumblr GIF page on my phone. It had to reboot (and it did it on it’s own). On my Atom Z3735 tablet, it ran slowish.


Tumblr has it, and of course reposts from other sites too (mostly). Sometimes it’s original but it’s mediocre either way, and I can get it from 50000 better sites.


Remember when I mentioned Livejournal’s audience? Yup, Tumblr panders to them too. With gif support, reblogs, and hashtags, you can easily find CPU destroying gifs from your least favorite kids show, along with free drama about shit nobody cares about and mediocre fanart straight outta dA.  Hell, this site works just like dA. If it’s fandom related, it gets big. If it’s not, it doesn’t or remains in obscurity. That is, until you piss off a special snowflake.

Social Justice


The worst thing about this site? Social Justice Warriors. Take a bunch of entitled white people, usually nerds in college (or around college age), who have been raised with parents who hand everything to them on a silver platter, but then at the same time find out that reality isn’t so kind when they go into college/get a job. Now, throw them into an age of online activism, where online revolutions that happen in real life such as the Arab Spring fail to bring stable governments when they do overthrow governments (See: Egypt, or the whole Syrian Civil War feat. ISIS), when Kony 2012 and Occupy are flashes in the pan but show how easily these people are influenced, and where words such as “racism” and “homophobia” pop up all the time in the news, with some people getting special treatment on the news thanks to their skin color/origin/gender instead of being judged on the kind of person they are, and add a few buzzwords nobody but them and trolls will get. You end up with Tumblr’s special snowflakes.  Social Justice Warriors are professional victims, who spend tons of time bitching about stuff like content in a video game instead of women suffering and getting gang raped in India, or ISIS in general with all their war crimes and genocide, all while having a Pokemon avatar. Imagine if your favorite political commentator dressed in a Pokemon suit daily. If anything, they spend more time going on smear campaigns and talking about how oppressed they are for being crazy.

When you have a pansexual dragonkin with several genders/pronouns, 3 headmates, and self-diagnosed Autism (Yes, people do indeed self diagnose themselves with this) telling you how much you are a cis white hetero male (All for mocking them for being crazy) with 5000 Pokemon Anime gifs in between, it’s hard to take them seriously. They are mostly harmless….until they go on smear campaigns against people/companies. While some companies budge, realizing that they don’t want to alienate any potential customer, many don’t realize that these kinds of people are never happy. Even if you pander specifically to them, someone will still get alienated. Even if you put females in your game and add 5000 gender pronouns, you’re still going to offend someone out there who will accuse you of stereotyping them, while not acknowledging them is bad too because you’re only pandering to white cis males and not including diversity.

Social Justice Warriors in short….are only good as con artists and professional victims. Even as some have been exposed as being what they are against, they continue to play the victim card over problems nobody cares about and go on online hate mobs against people. They are just like “Pro-Life” abortion-activists, who will keep victimizing themselves but whenever they vote someone in, won’t do shit. Or they do minor things to make it harder and harder, but stop short of banning it because they know they won’t have a platform to use to make people vote for them.

Anyways, that’s what I think of Tumblr. It sucks, ‘nuff said.

I’m glad to be back on this site.

Man, I remember back in like 2007 back when I was being the coolest kid on my beige AIO G3 with 128mb RAM and Mac OS 9.0.4 using IE for Mac 5 (Mozilla sucked and crashed all the damn time), how I first found WordPress. I was playing Club Penguin (Shitty game IMO), and there were all these websites offering hacks and tricks on WordPress. After I made a few laughable blogs that I abandoned fast (I seem to do that), I’ve had brushes with various blogging sites, from Tumblr (Crap, avoid at all costs), to Twitter (Amazing), to journals on dA/fA (crap), but besides Twitter I’ve never really tried to have my own blog.

Well, now that I have decided to post random text posts that I couldn’t fit on twitter or make a video about on YT, I might as well start posting blogs here. After all, I won’t have to worry about dA admins, Tumblr SJWs, or certain people who have my fA. 😀

Anyways, I’m glad to be back here~